My Music Life   LyricsMetamorphosis-One
Original Song

When I'm absentminded,my JukeBox sound in the ear. Now I'm having a best days with music in my life.Please feel my joy with Swing Jazz sounds.

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When I am absentminded,
It begins ,sound deep inside in my ears.

With my favorite JUKE BOX,
what a kind of music today.

When I get back my mind,and it begins,
sound deep inside in my ears.

It's special parts, my JUKE BOX.
Melody, sweet and driving!

Pleasing,how about a jazzy,cool music

If you want to,hopping and dancable pop'n a song.

Do you want to listen?

Even when,even where , it can just sound.

It is very exciting.

Music life, let's get it on.

Monopolize my music.

I can spend well, it's just a good time.

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