Let's send X'mas Card of E-mail with Metamorphosis-One song!
Good news!!I'll begin X'mas Card service again.Mp3.com service is stopped,but I try cgi program and succeed to install to my web site! Please try it with free!You can just send Xmas Card of E-mail.It add my Xmas song.

How about X'mas card with my song "Christmas song from Santa Claus".
Please read manual below and you can use my X'mas card system easily!
Please enter X'mas card this link-->Entrance of Xmas card

Listen with free lyrics Birthday Card X'mas card in Japanese

********Manual for using X'mas card**********
Click Entrance of Xmas card.It move setting area of Xmas card.

You set data below.

1.Set informations
1)Your name:Set name of sender(just your name)
All words no problem.For Example...Mickey Mouse,Billy Joel....

2)Your mail address:Set your E-mail address correctly
Check & check this data!

3)Select and set Top Comment:Set a favorite comment!

4)Comment:Set message of Xmas
All word no problem

5)Recipient name:Set name of recipient
All words no problem.For example...Honey,Darling

6)Recipient mail address:Set E-mail address of recipient correctly.
Check & check this data!
(If you set it incorrectly,this card never reach to your lovely recipient.)

7)Select card image:Set your favorite card image correctly.
Select the your favorite card image with radio button

8)Set starting date for seeing card .
You can set starting date for seeing date within two weeks.

9)You finish to prepare to send X'mas card! .
Click [OK].


1)Display sending card preview contents,and you confirm it .
If you find some errors,please return setting page with Return button of IE or NN.

No problem!By clicking on [Sending card],You can send it!.

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